How a Messy Neighbor Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

How a Messy Neighbor Can Hurt Your Home’s Value For homeowners who try their best to keep their property clean and well maintained, it can be frustrating to see that their messy neighbors have enough junk outside to fill up a landfill. It’s embarrassing to the neighborhood to have to live near someone like this is. But the wont part … Read More

Are Tiny Homes a Wise Investment?

Are Tiny Homes a Wise Investment? Tiny Homes are popping up everywhere. Magazines, websites, and reality TV shows all praise the space-saving miniature houses that typically range between 180 and 400 square feet in size. Is it truly possible to live comfortably with another person in such a tiny space! Do people still enjoy living in tiny homes after the … Read More

Eight Benefits of Owning a Home

Eight Benefits of Owning a Home Owning a home is often referred to as the “American Dream” There are many obvious benefits of owning a home and some that are not so obvious. One of the first steps to buying a home is to determine whether owning a home is the right fit for yourself. it’s important when making any … Read More

Red Flags your Home May be Overpriced

Red Flags Your Home May Be Overpriced You take the time to prepare your home and list your property. The family is ready to show on a moment’s notice. You are just waiting for the offers to roll in after the first open house. No offers, then a week passes, a month passes, then 2 months…. Showings are almost non-existent. … Read More

Five Reasons Why your Home Expired Without An Offer

TIPS FROM THE BEST When a home listed for sale expires off the market without so much as an offer there are a number of common reasons as to why that happened. Some of the causes of having an unsold home are the responsibility of the real estate agent if there is one involved. Other aspects of selling a home … Read More