About Joe Maez

Joe Maez heads one of Albuquerque’s top ranking Real Estate Agencies, The Maez Group Real Estate Experts. Under his diligent leadership, they’ve been able to command the market, closing successful sale after sale, but what makes the prosperity of his agency so remarkable is the amount of time Maez was able to take his team to the apex of the Real Estate market.

As a veteran of the United States Military, Maez served 13 months in Iraq and learned a great deal about management, responsibility, and how to positively influence a group of people to operate at their highest capacities. He took this knowledge and applied it to his new calling: Real Estate. During his initial year in residential real estate, Maez did what many would be hard pressed to do in a struggling market. He closed 75 transactions by the end of 2010, increased that number to 121 by 2011, and by 2013 Maez closed the deal on 215 transactions. One would think this exponential growth would hit a plateau, but not with Maez.

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Albuquerque Adobe Home in Fall

While their team is modest in size, the degree of their production outperforms many of their larger competitors. Wanting a Real Estate team that operates with compassion, enthusiasm, and most importantly, diligence, Maez set out to create a group of agents who had just that. Maez meticulously crafted his team with associates he can trust, people who, like Maez himself, are dedicated to helping others achieve the dream of owning their own home. This isn’t just a job to cover the bills, Maez is devoted to helping as many people as possible, because he understands the feeling of pride that comes with owning something that is often seen as intangible, especially in today’s market. His mantra? The market is only bad if you believe it to be. When you look for opportunities for growth, you’ll find it.

Maez believes the best way to lead a team is to be the exemplar of excellence. He begins every morning in his office making phone calls to clients, potential home-buyers and the like. By the time noon rolls around, Maez is pricing homes, helping clients prepare and stage their residences for the market, and making appointments. It’s not common practice to be able to price, stage, and list a home in one day, but with the Maez Group that’s a standard. Efficiency is key to being successful, and Joe Maez has built an exceptionally productive environment that is conducive to making sure each client that works with The Maez Group receives superior service.

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