Our Team

The Maez Group is a team dedicated to helping people get into their dream home. It is not an easy task, but for years the Maez Group has been delivering exceptional results. Since 2011, our home sales numbers have been steadily increasing, towering above other Albuquerque Realtors. We accredit this success to the staff’s many years of experience, giving them a firm understanding of the market and how to navigate it.

Those looking to buy or sell their homes in New Mexico turn to the Maez Group because they know they’ll be treated with respect, their questions will be responded to promptly, and we always make our plans clear to our clients. Next time you need to buy or sell a home, trust the Maez Group to make it easier for you!

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The Joe Maez Group

Joe Maez

Office: (505) 515-1719

Emery & Dolores Maez

Office: (505) 515-1719